NJTaxRecords.net Redactation Process

The information being presented on our site is of public record and is available on the internet freely by the municipal, county, and regional governments. Your information will always continue to be available from those sources even after your information is removed from this site.

Our mission is to democratize useful information and make it every so easy for our visitors to research properties. We reserve the right to refuse redactation of ownership information. Please do not submit bulk/automated redactation requests as they will be denied.

This is the page you can request your name be hidden from our public-facing web pages throughout this site. We will evaluate the request within 14 business day and redactation within 72 hours of approval of a valid request. If approved, this will remove your name from our pages. Search engines may cache the results and those will remain until the caches are refreshed. We have no control of those caches, hence out of our control.

Page to be redacted Must be a njtaxrecords.net URL. We have no control of other domains.
Your email address This is only to communicate with you, will not be shared with any third-parties.
Your name
Reason for redactation
Prove you are human
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* Redactation requests are associated with a property and are valid for a year. If you require redactation of multiple properties, you must submit multiple requests.